Attention Deficit  
Hyperactivity Disorder

    Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a disorder
characterized by a short attention span, poor concentration, impulsivity
and hyperactivity.  Children and adults with ADHD are easily distracted
by sights and sounds in their environment, cannot concentrate for long
periods of time, are restless and impulsive, have a tendency to
daydream, and are often slow to start and complete tasks.

    Individuals with ADHD have difficulty listening and following through
with instructions.  They are easily distracted by their surroundings or by
random thoughts that distract them away from the task at hand.  

    There are subtypes of ADHD.  Some individuals with ADHD only
exhibit symptoms of inattention, while others struggle with restlessness
and impulsivity in addition to a short attention span.  Some individuals
seem as if they are “always on the go.”  Individuals with a “hyperactive”
or “combined” type of ADHD fidget constantly, act impulsively without
thinking through actions, interrupt others or blurt out comments, and
have difficulty waiting their turn.  

Jennifer Grimes, Ph.D.
Licensed Educational Psychologist